T H E - E L E V A T I O N - U P G R A D E - EP


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E L E V A T E - Y O U R - E X P E R I E N C E

   -Your Life Experience is a Reflection of Your Personal Vibratory State- 

Everything in the universe is vibrating, or rather, is made of vibration. Even forms that appear to be solid are actually composed of many underlying atomic vibrations. While sound is simply one form of the more obvious examples of vibration, your physical body and even your thoughts are also vibrating at individual frequencies. Everything that manifests itself in your life comes into your reality because it matches the vibration of your thoughts and your Being, like a magnet.

When repeatedly exposed to lower-level frequencies, the mind begins to produce negative thought patterns and the body ultimately becomes unable to vibrate at its optimal resonant frequency, inviting disease and undesirable experiences into your life and reality.     


-Your Brain Produces Vibrations that Affect Your State of Being-

The brain produces five different types of vibrations or “brain waves” across the cortex, each serving its own purpose to help You cognitively cope with daily situations: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta.  When a person is exposed to harmful frequencies, the brain may produce an imbalance of brainwaves, negatively affecting the person's overall vibratory frequency and life experience.  


-Elevation Is Possible: Imbalances in Brain Waves Can Be Corrected Through the Use of the Upgrade Frequencies-

The Upgrade frequencies are delivered in the form of Music designed specifically to stimulate Gamma wave production in the brain, for maximum potency and reception by your brain. Gamma waves are associated with higher levels of consciousness and focus, among many additional benefits. When your brain does not produce enough Gamma waves, the body becomes more prone to depression, stress and unfocussed or impulsive thinking. With regular use of the the Upgrade frequencies, Your brain will begin to recalibrate, naturally producing more Gamma waves on its own. 


-You Will Experience Many Benefits with Proper Gamma Wave Production-

Gamma brain wave state allows for peak concentration and extremely high levels of cognitive functioning, allowing You to operate at a level of peak mental and physical performance.

  • A brain producing high levels of Gamma waves has increased focus and enhanced memory recall; You will be able to process incredible amounts of information very quickly, remember it and retrieve that memory later with ease. You will also comprehend a deeper understanding of that information. 
  • Gamma wave production leads to increased sensory perception; Your vision and hearing will sharpen, your sense of smell and taste will become more powerful. Your brain will become increasingly sensitive to all sensory input.
  • Gamma waves reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and may aid in the prevention of migraines.
  • While improving happiness, Gammas also increase tolerance and levels of compassion. 


-The Lyrical Content of the Music is Designed to Prime Your Subconscious to Accept a Higher Vibrational State-

The themes addressed and expressed through the lyrics of each Upgrade are constructed to aid Your subconscious mind in various aspects of vibrational realignment. Some sections will assist You in awakening fully to Your current state of being, and will encourage self-acceptance. Other sections are devised to inspire You to leave behind habits, vibrations, and patterns that no longer serve You, to help You embrace Your present moment and affirm more positive approaches and perspectives. The content will gently train Your subconscious to exist in a state of positive empowerment, so You may successfully manifest Your most supreme reality.


-You Are Ready-

Remember, You have found your way to this Upgrade and T H E I N T I M A T E for a reason. You are quickly aligning on Your path to the being the best You, living Your most desirable life experiences.

Continue Your Ascension. Download Your Elevation Upgrade and Begin Living Life at Your Highest Potential. 



You may purchase Your Elevation Upgrade from this page, or from the 'Store' page where You will also find additional items to help You on Your journey. 

{Listen to your Upgrade in Headphones for Maximum Effectiveness}